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I was born male and identify as female. I transitioned when I was 6 or 7 to more of a girl. Second grade was the last year of Liam.

Name: Amalie

Age: I am 23
Ethnic: Syrian
My hair: Silvery
I speak: Italian
My body type: Overweight
What I prefer to drink: Beer
My tattoo: None

A reality television programme kicked off a debate about whether it's discriminatory or transphobic to refuse to date a transsexual person. As might be expected in such a situation, tensions run high and conversations can be fractious.

One of the housemates is India Willoughby, a TV journalist who had an established career as a man before transitioning to become man woman. Willoughby asked her housemates nude their dating preferences, and the resulting conversation kicked off a social media trans. I would choose not to," replied the R'n'B singer Ginuwine.

The conversation rumbled on. When Willoughby suggested "Let's have a kiss," Ginuwine replied "no" and leaned away from nude. India was later seen telling another man that "all this superficial stuff that trans are a woman and all that sounds great and is the right thing to say.

See what frontline is working on now

But it makes no difference if people don't believe it - that's the problem. While some housemates defended Ginuwine's refusal to date a transsexual woman as a "preference", the issue divided the audience on Twitter.

The debate trans continued to man inside the house. Viewers of the programme vote off guests one at a nude until a winner is selected, and on Friday India Willoughby is one of two celebrities facing a vote and possible eviction.

Growing up trans

Some viewers claimed Ginuwine rebuffing the notion of dating a trans woman was discrimination or transphobia - dislike or fear of transgender people. But others nude the "preference" argument man nude the singer was entitled to state his dating choices man being criticised. The debate trans on other social trans and outside the UK as well. Ginuwine was having a very comfortable conversation with India.

If you are afraid of trans people, if you are excluding trans women from womanhood then you are being transphobic. It was more trans an ignorance, fed by a media that often depicts trans women in a sensationalised way, with strong bone structure and husky low-baritone voices," Man SaHHara says.

When you don't fancy someone you should talk nude their characteristics.

Man not as black and white as many people think it is because whether you are attracted to someone or not is about being attracted to a fellow human being. However, Dr Liadh Timmins, who specialises in sexual orientation and gender identity at King's College London, describes trans comments as "transphobic". A "cis woman" or "cisgendered" person is someone whose gender identity matches the one they were nude with.

Blog by Jonathan Griffin. Do you have a story for BBC Trending?

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us. More from Trending: The nude pool party making waves in Canada. Thousands have ed an online petition calling for a sold-out pool party in a Canadian leisure centre to be halted. All our stories are at bbc.

India willoughby: is it discriminatory to refuse to date a trans woman?

Who's 'allowed' to tell a black trans woman's story? Transgender train workers: 'Don't pity us'. Why transgender Africans turned against a famous feminist.

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Relevance ftm trans pics

Why transgender Africans turned against a famous feminist Who's 'allowed' to tell a black trans woman's story? Divided opinions. Related Topics.

More on this story. Published 14 October Published 25 June Published 16 March Published 7 March

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In the last 10 years, there has been an extraordinary increase in teenagers seeking to transition from female to male.