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Some Advice For Hollywood

I went to see one of the big summer movies the other night, Spiderman, and it's fine. And all those special effects, Spiderman doing back flips from one skyscraper to another, they're fine, too. Of course, Tarzan did the same type of stuff with ropes and hidden nets.

But here's my problem. Before Spiderman came on, we had to sit through six previews where they turned the sound up to ear-splitting levels. And in all six, the special effects were just as good as Spiderman's. All those quick cuts and camera switches, though, and the pounding music left me exhausted before Spiderman even started.

Now that every movie has special effects, they're no longer special, which brings me to another problem. Will there ever be movies with dialogue that you can remember like Casablanca? I doubt it, but here's looking at you, kid.

And special effects? The only ones in "Some Like It Hot" were two guys in drag, and it was maybe the funniest movie ever.

It all reminds me of TV news when we first got graphics. We were so carried away with what we could do with the graphics that we used them whether or not they helped us tell the story. Most of the time they didn't.

I can do without message movies, but here's a message for Hollywood: I go to the movies to be entertained, not wrung out by special effects and loud music. Spend some money instead on someone who can tell us a good story. And please, turn down the music.