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A Very Strange Week

I've seen some things in my time but nothing quite like last week

It was the week a Forest Ranger admitted she had set one of the worst fires ever in the West. Go figure.

It was the week an unidentified plane headed toward the White House and the place was evacuated -- except someone forgot to tell the President. Good thing the guy in the plane was just lost.

The Middle East got worse again. Nothing funny about that.

And there was that peculiar development at the Capitol. When the Vice President complained that a Congressional Committee investigating the FBI and the CIA was leaking classified information to reporters, the Committee asked the Justice Department to investigate the Committee itself.

Which created this scene in my mind: FBI Director Mueller is being questioned by Senators and Congressmen behind closed doors. When they finish he says, "As long as I'm here, could I ask you some questions?"

And over in the corner sits CIA Director Tenet who smiles and says, "You boys take as long as you like questioning each other. If you don't get around to me, I can live with it."

That is sort of funny except it's too close to the truth. Maybe it would be better if all involved took a deep breath. Congress hasn't disclosed anything that has compromised security and everyone needs to get back to work because there is some real work to do.

For one thing, figuring out a way to tell the President the next time an unidentified plane poses a threat to the White House.

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